A set minimum margin (per outstanding futures contract) that a customer must maintain in his margin account. Chicago Board of Trade glossary
Appropriate ongoing adjustments to security holder records. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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maintenance main‧te‧nance [ˈmeɪntnəns] noun [uncountable]
1. MANUFACTURING the repairs, painting etc necessary to keep something in good condition or working as it should:

• The line will be re-opened once essential maintenance is completed.

• Technicians were doing routine maintenance work on the aircraft.

2. when something is continued in the same way or at the same level as before:
maintenance of

• The maintenance of economic growth is very important.

ˌresale-ˈprice ˌmaintenance COMMERCE LAW
a system in which the price of goods is fixed by the manufacturer and the person selling them is not allowed to reduce the price. Resale-price maintenance is against the law in some countries, including the US, because it limits competition
3. money paid by a Divorced person (= someone who has legally ended their marriage) to their former wife or husband, especially towards the cost of looking after their children; = Child Support Bre; , alimony AmE:

• He has to pay £500 per week maintenance to his ex-wife.

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maintenance UK US /ˈmeɪntənəns/ noun [U]
the activity of keeping a building, vehicle, road, etc. in good condition by checking it regularly and repairing it when necessary: »

Refineries typically schedule yearly maintenance.


Components necessary for the maintenance of our fleet of helicopters often have to be ordered from abroad.


The city budget for street repair and maintenance was cut for this fiscal year.


maintenance work/services/procedures


maintenance contracts/costs


maintenance workers/staff/crew


rail/road/building maintenance

perform/provide/carry out maintenance »

We have a large team of IT staff who provide ongoing system and applications maintenance.

bad/poor/routine maintenance »

A leak in the pipeline was discovered during routine maintenance and inspection work.

the process of making sure that something continues in the same way or at the same level: »

Authorities consider these measures to be necessary for the maintenance of sound health and sanitary conditions at the factory.

FINANCE, LAW regular payments that a person must make by law in order to support their child or previous marriage partner, for example after a divorce : »

She continues to receive maintenance payments from her former partner.

See also RESALE PRICE MAINTENANCE(Cf. ↑resale price maintenance), TOTAL PRODUCTIVE MAINTENANCE(Cf. ↑total productive maintenance)

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